Acupuncture Sessions

  • New Patient, 75 Minutes. . . . . . . . . $100

  • 45 Minute Follow-up session. . . . . $70

  • Facial Rejuvenation, 45 Minutes. . .$80

What is Acupuncture?





Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used complementary and alternative medical treatments in the world. It typically is not considered a stand-alone treatment but is an integral aspect of Oriental Medicine that includes manual therapies (Tui Na and Shiatsu), thermal therapies (Moxibustion and Infrared Heating Lamps), Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy, cupping, and electrical acupuncture. Despite having originated in China during the Shang Dynasty in 1600-1100 B.C., it has only become popular in the Western hemisphere since 1971.


Acupuncture is the practice of inserting and manipulating ultra fine, single-use, sterile needles into the superficial skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles of the body at particular acupuncture points. In TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are as many as 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body, which are connected by 12 main meridians, and 8 primordial meridians that preceded the 12 main meridians during embryological development. These meridians conduct Qi, or electrical-like energy between the surface of the body and its internal organs via fascia, or connective tissue, that is highly conductive of electrical energy.  The Japanese verified the location of these meridians and their acupuncture points via measuring galvanic skin response, and numerous empirical measurements conducted by engineer acupuncturists. Acupuncture is restore the balance between Yin (associated with the parasympathetic nervous system) and the Yang (associated with the sympathetic nervous system). This allows for the normal flow of Qi, or electrical energy generated from the heart,  associated with neural transmission throughout the body thus restoring health to the mind and body.


At times, electroacupuncture, the process in which an electrical current is applied to the needles once they are inserted, may be used to further stimulate the respective acupuncture points, and has been extensively scientifically studied, and is shown to affect pain receptors, the limbic system, the glandular and hormonal system, the immune system, and dramatically promote the release of endorphins within the body.  Electroacupuncture has been found to be especially effective in treating neuromuscular and psychiatric disorders, including addictions, as well as restoring regions of the brain damaged from chronic drug use, thus increasing long term recovery rates and return to productivity in the society.

Scientific Evidence for Acupuncture


There is a dearth of promising scientific evidence to support the use of acupuncture for over 200 conditions according to the WHO.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine research has been vigorously conducted for decades in China, with some of this research being translated into English, while much of it remains unknown to the West.  Most of this research includes modern diagnostic methods such as blood testing, MRI, CT scan, blood pressure readings, and other data to verify the clinical results of acupuncture for modern diseases. 

Many would-be patients express concerns about acupuncture due to their dislike of needles, and on occasion, a true needle phobia. This may often be mediated with a little bit of knowledge about the subject.  Unlike hollow, larger injection needles, or those used for blood draws, acupuncture needles are solid, hair-like, and seldom are they even felt.  Your acupuncturist may also utilize anesthetic points to decrease your fear and sensitivity to the needles, so that any patient may comfortable experience the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine!


Children as young as newborns, all the way to the elderly, the traumatized in the hospital, and the healthy student or adult can benefit from acupuncture.  Patients with pacemakers, surgical hardware, epileptics, infants, pregnant women, and even the unconscious due to stroke can safely receive acupuncture.


In modern China, acupuncturists are dually trained and credentialed as MDs, and for more than a century acupuncture and modern medicine have been integrated, and while that hasn’t been widely embraced in the West, this integrated approach has lead to exciting developments in acupuncture such as: treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders through a combined approach of auricular (ear) and near (scalp) acupuncture, based on the medical model of the brain, glands, and neurotransmitters.  Acupuncture is also widely used in conjunction with cancer treatments for ease and quality of life.


A typical acupuncture appointment includes a thorough consultation to understand how your entire body is functioning, then the reading of your pulses to examine the condition of the 12 main meridians, as well the 8 primordial ones, a look at your tongue to understand how your internal organs are functioning, as the tongue is the only visible muscle of the body.  Then your acupuncturist will have you lay down in a comfortable position, place the needles, and then let you relax for about 25 minutes, during which time many people fall asleep!


Many patients experience improvements starting from their initial acupuncture treatment, oftentimes Chinese herbs that have been traditionally used for centuries and scientifically studied will be prescribed if the practitioner is also nationally board-certified in Chinese herbal medicine, as this will increase the treatment’s effectiveness.  Your practitioner also will recommend dietary additions and subtractions to enhance the healing process for you.  Everyone’;s treatment plan is unique:  your chief complaint, symptoms, tongue, pulse, medical, surgical and pregnancy history when applicable all influence what your acupuncturist plans for your follow-up and successful resolution of your condition. 


   It is usually essential to follow-up with the acupuncturist 2-3 times the 1st week of starting treatment for the best overall results, and this has been verified in scientific research.  While many Western practitioners have adopted, as a matter of convenience, a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly approach, in the initial stage of treating a disease or a condition, it is best, and oftentimes dramatic results can be experienced when adhering to the traditional treatment schedule that was practiced for thousands of years.


   Many acupuncturists make it easier for you by being available for short-term appointments, package pricing, and your acupuncturist may provide you with all of your treatments to reduce tax burden, and may even bill insurance where there are appropriate policies.


We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about acupuncture.  Contact us today if you have any health problems that concern you to see if acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine would complement your health care!

Summary of Specialty Services Provided by Our Acupuncturist

1.  Bio-Identical Hormone Testing and Treatment for Men and Women Since 2003, including:

  • Cortisol Stress Profiles

  • Insomnia Profiles

  • Infertility Profiles

  • Menopause Profiles 

  • Andropause Profiles

2.  Pain Relief Since 1999

  • Most patients experience 50% reduction in pain, due to all causes in 1-3 treatments, and better outcomes occur frequently

  • Thorough examination to understand the causes of your pain 

  • Treatment plan may include many modalities in one visit, not only "body acupuncture" so that you get the relief that you need as soon as possible

3.  Concussions/Brain Injuries/Stroke Recovery Since 1999

  • No injury is too old to experience improvement

  • Heal speech, vision, executive function, brain fog, balance and other issues with the use of a modern acupuncture technique called "Neurological-Acupuncture."

4.  Fertility and Pregnancy the Healthy Way Since 2002

  • The most advanced acupuncture techniques applied at hormonally sensitive timings during IVF

  • Whole body approach to ready for a healthy pregnancy and delivery that includes lab work, diet, deep health history, Chinese herbal medicine plan, stress and reproductive hormone testing, and exercises that have historically improved female reproductive health in Southeast Asia for thousands of years

  • Successful pregnancy after multiple miscarriages

  • Rapid recovery after childbirth

  • Elimination of common obstacles to breastfeeding such as insufficiency, infection, obstruction, or quality

5.  Weight Loss Since 1999

  • Rectify hormonal, neurological, inflammatory, and dietary causes of weight gain and sluggish metabolism by understanding and treating the causes

  • Practitioner lost 50lbs in the 1990s amidst an obese family, and kept it off

6.  Nutritional consultations from Eastern and Western approaches with customized food plans since 1994

  • Elimination of food allergies

  • Implementing a food plan that restores health, vitality, and energy for your unique mind/body/soul

  • Medically managed fasting for reducing obesity, improving A1C, resolving certain psychiatric conditions, and numerous other benefits

7.  Deep knowledge of all of branches of Integrated Eastern/Western Medicine including:

1.  Acupuncture techniques, cupping, moxibustion, and Electro-Acupuncture

2.  Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Nutritional Therapy

3.  Energetic/Intentional Movement

4.  Manipulation

5.  Food Energetics and Therapy

8.  Personally developed Indian yoga protocols for resolving specific health concerns since 1998

  • Arthritis and joint pain

  • IT band issues

  • Scoliosis

  • Any chronic pain

9.  Drug Withdrawal and Addiction

  • Includes recreational and pharmaceutical drugs

Acupuncture Testimonials for

Tara D. Malhotra


April 1, 2017



Tara has been my acupuncturist since March 2012.  During this time I have received numerous treatments, ranging from acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese herbal formulas. Treatments were for autoimmune disorders, lupus, arthritis, leaky gut, workout injuries from bicycling, hiking and exercise. 


Tara Devi is also an amazing teacher: teaching skin care, diet, exercise, and yoga. She always took the initiative to make sure she was on time, exceptionally organized, and prepared, whether in treatment or teaching. 


Tara Devi has incredible adaptability and genuine compassion in her treatment mannerisms. She has treated nine members of my family in various medical situations. Her knowledge, education and expertise would be a great asset.


Best Regards,

Maureen Pesci  and Family



January 02, 2017


She continues to accomplish healing, drawing from her in-depth knowledge of Chinese herbs. Additionally, she has developed new applications of acupuncture, notably, the lesser known specialized Chinese scalp acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, and moxibustion.. She has written her case records of exceptional “last resort”  successes. 

Ms. Malhotra has worked for me in a clinical setting during the 2016 year. In this mode, she would listen to my needs and concerns with direct attention and interest; would then explain her projected procedures and treatment plan, with supported reasoning. I had previously received acupuncture that did not alleviate my conditions, and left me feeling very uncomfortable, but my experience with Ms. Malhotra was very relaxing and effective!

Her polished professional skills were always thoughtfully exact and precise; a feature I appreciated from my 30-year career in Aerospace Engineering. I was always impressed with her ease and confidence in work. It was evident that she was well-educated to an advanced level. She continually avails herself to education in developments of clinical treatment techniques and advances in acupuncture and Chinese herbal experimental studies.

Ms. Malhotra was also well-reputed in our town, as an elderly, local personality was blind regained her sight enough to take swimming lessons, recognize her family and friends, and tie her shoes, and this gained her a lot of notoriety as a capable clinician.  She was kind enough to travel to our remote mountain town, as well as others to treat the underserved and the elderly, where there were no qualified acupuncturists and very few if any physicians.

Dr. Malhotra is a person of high empathetic character, efficiency, and excellence in communication; always kind and considerate.

She will continue to be a positive asset to the field of her profession.




Chalmers P. Emigh

Bharataarpana Institute of Fine Arts Charitable Trust

Sudha Mani and Suma Mani, Founder and Director

Old # 50/New # 8 west Mada Street

Nungambakkam, Chennai, India 600034



April 1st, 2017


    We founded and registered the Bharaatarpana Institute of Fine Arts in Chennai, India, in 2006, and began teaching classes and graduating students in 1995. We came to know Dr. Tara as a student of our institution in 2007, then as the volunteer Founding Director and Instructor of Yoga in our Institute, and finally on a personal basis since 2009.  In October 2011 she also earned Level I teaching certificates in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music from our Institution, and learning to to teach under our direct supervision and tutelage.


      Further, she has helped numerous family members with arthritis, migraine headaches, and asthma, and we've recommended her to many of our friends who weren't satisfied with the results of their primary care providers/specialists..

      As her close supervisors and guides, we know her to be highly ethical, orderly, organized, always prompt, well-prepared, and keeps students very excited and engaged in her classes while assisting in our other class offerings as an adjunct instructor.  She has added lasting value to our institution by being more dedicated, precise in leading and instructing, and she genuinely cares about the quality and reputation we have struggled to build and maintain for 22 years. She has traveled from United States annually, and contributed in teaching plans and effective learning strategies for the students, for which we are grateful.



Suma Mani and Sudha Mani

“There are no words to express my gratitude of Tara! I have been using acupuncture for the last few years to help with my auto-immune issues and improve my quality of life. Tara has studied acupuncture and many sup-specialties that include gynecology and neurology. 

Not only has Tara maintained my physical health throughout the cruise, she has offered great help for my mental health. Acupuncture can be of great help when dealing with the grief, depression and anxiety. Tara helped me both cry and smile as I grieved the very recent loss of my son.” 


J. Jackson



“Tara Malhotra is an amazing woman and acupuncturist. She listened to me and truly understood my health issues and helped me identify symptoms while alleviating them on my cruise. She helped me physically and emotionally, giving me my energy back as well as my overall joy. If I could take her home and continue to have her as an acupuncturist and a positive role model, I’d be ecstatic!” 


E. Jackson



“Definitely worth it! 

I have tried for 30+ years to cure my chronic sciatica. I have tried massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, etc. including 3 other acupuncturists over the years. Tara cured me in 5 sessions! I am pain-free, sleeping better etc. Tara is very professional and has a great wealth of knowledge and experience. I felt very comfortable with Tara which I think enabled me to trust her implicitly. Thank you Tara! xx” 


S. Smith.



“Only two treatments in, the benefits have been astounding. Tara is a master in healing & she is constantly learning new ways to help all, including those with chronic conditions.”


E. Bond




“At first I was scared of trying acupuncture but have heard of the great benefits of it at the seminar on the ship. I had problems with my shoulder, hip and leg and decided to try acupuncture to see if I would get some relief from the pain. In five treatments, I was able to get tremendous relief, which allowed me to sleep better and move better when I took my tours. I am very happy I tried acupuncture and would do it again.”


L. M



“While in the hospital for another reason, I received left leg nerve damage. I was unable to walk. Over one year, it slowly improved. Then I had this treatment of acupuncture. After 3 treatments, I had improvement equal to three months, I was amazed! 

Do not be concerned about pain from the needles, it is less than then pain you are already experiencing. The chance for improvement is worth it! 

Tara is a wonderful person who explains all and will keep you at ease.”


Keith. M 

“I am almost to relaxed to even write this raving testimonial! My start in acupuncture was actually on board another Holland/ America ship where I first met Trish Cochran. She not only educated me in this wonderful treatment but has also become a good friend. Today, I am on the Prinsendan, 20 day Arctic Circle and Iceland sailing  on and not only enjoying the ship and adventures, but 10 glorious treatments with Tara. 

I came on board with right arm and back pains and will go home without them. And my Chi will be rejoicing. Thank you Tara for teaching me so many new ideas and for healing both my mind and spirit.” 


J. Brown. 



“Tara and acupuncture are a healing combination. 

I have had 2 of my 1st 6 treatments and even with the damp weather, my fibromyalgia, arthritis, knee and hip pain are continuing to improve. 

Tara listens and adjusts each treatment. Feeling well is one of life’s pleasures - with Tara, it is a real possibility!”


M. Bond


“Prior to my treatments with Tara, I was somewhat skeptical about acupuncture. Tara’s presentation showed me how acupuncture could help my condition. I had a progressively worsening frozen right shoulder, as well as loss of balance and some short term memory loss from a small cerebral stroke. 

The first 30 seconds of my first treatment gave an amazing result, enabling me to lift my right arm above my head for the first time in weeks. This, and 2 subsequent treatments have resulted in dramatic and permanent improvements - Full range of movement in my shoulder, huge improvement in my balance and memory. Thank you Tara for changing my life!” 


M. Willis


“I had 2 total knee replacement surgeries - the left on May 14, 2018 and my right on June 11th. This cruise was August 5-19. I arrived having soreness, stiffness and swelling in my right knee that made pushing my father around in a wheelchair more challenging. I brought a cane to use when I wasn’t pushing the wheelchair (which was for excursions only). 

During the 2 week cruise, I saw Tara two times - once each week. I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable and helpful. She listened to my story and my concerns and regularly asked how I felt afterwards. Not only did I feel better after each treatment, but by the end of the cruise, I was able to walk confidently without the cane!! Thank you so much Tara, I really appreciate you!” 


E. Brisben


“I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teen and walked with uneven hips and feet for as far back as I can remember. Between back spasm, spinal misalignment and muscle guarding, I got used to a constant level of manageable pain that never truly subsided. I previously used acupuncture for pain relief but Tara was the first to explain how acupuncture, Chinese herbs and 4 other ancient techniques are used. After 7 treatments, there is a noticeable difference in my hip alignment, gait and balance. For the first time in years I can say I’m not in pain. Some muscle tightness can still be improved but that’s part of my continued journey to wellness using Tara’s recommendations.” 


J Cerenzia


“I have a torn meniscus in my knee. Several days of walking aggravated it and my knee became painful and swollen. 

After a series of acupuncture treatments, the pain went away and I was able to take tours and walk in the city streets of these beautiful towns. 

Thank you Tara!!” 


B. McKern


“Dr. Tara showed great care in my treatment. Her attention to detail reflected her abundance of knowledge in many fields. Her caring hands addressed my needs. The session with her aided both my physical and mental wellbeing. She is a person who truly cares about her patients.”


F. Banister 


“Frozen shoulder had been with me for over a year. PT gave me some relief but I still had only 50% range of motion without pain. Tara’s treatments got me to 100% with minimal pain. After six treatments all the pain was gone!!”


S. Bryan


“I have problems with muscle tension and spasms in my neck, shoulders and mid spine and ribs. After 3 treatments of acupuncture with Tara, I feel a great improvement! I now have very little aches and I feel much more relaxed! My balance is better and my endurance is improved! I definitely have benefited from my treatments! I plan to follow up with acupuncture when I return home!!”


B. Malley 



“Treating with Tara during the past 50 days has changed my physical life and improved my health, energy level immeasurably. 

I have under-active thyroid, type 1 late adult onset diabetes, fibromyalgia, joint pain and swelling and arthritis. I also have neuropathy in my feel with the nerve damage extending 1/2 way up my legs. 

All of the above conditions have been treated with miraculously successful acupuncture treatments. Over this time period of 50 days, I have had a total of 23 treatments. 

My nerves in my feet are regenerating. I walked 11,000 steps in Edinburgh yesterday and felt terrific! The terrain was hilly and streets of cobblestone. My breathing and endurance are also greatly improved.

Thank you to the most gifted acupuncturist I have ever been treated by so successfully!”


M Bond. 

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