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The key steps of the PHYTOMER face include exfoliation, deep skin cleansing, customized serum, facial massage and targeted mask. The products used for facial treatments in salons and spas feature professional-quality performance, with special textures and concentrations optimized by marine active ingredients.

PHYTOMER transforms the sea into skincare by capturing its fascinating essence. The sea, rich in vital nutrients, works in complete affinity with our cells for instant visible results. We offer everyone, everywhere, the benefits of the sea to reawaken their skin's natural health and beauty and to restore well-being through innovative professional spa products and sensorial treatments. A light scalp, neck and upper body massage is incorporated into each facial.

Oligoforce Lumination - $119

Complexion, Dark Spots, Wrinkles Treatment – 60 minutes

An ultra-comprehensive anti-aging treatment that brightens skin tone, reduces dark spots, and smooths away wrinkles.  The perfect pairing of a 20% acid facial peel and a soothing cloth mask that’s rich in Oligomer to bathe the skin in radiance.

XMF Youth Revealing Facial - $189

Instant results for firm, smooth skin - 90 minutes

Enjoy the ultimate in age defiance with this facial that includes the latest ingredients from marine bio-technology to plump the skin and smooth wrinkles. After a thorough double exfoliation and deep cleansing process, a Pro-Youth Massage is performed with massage tools and a skin regenerating concentrate. This massage provides instant results to relax wrinkles and tighten the skin. Finally a warm wax mask is painted over the skin to deliver a final dose of Extra Marine Filler and to seal in the treatment’s youthful benefits. This facial also includes a re-plumping lip treatment.

Sea Calm Facial - $109

Sensitive, delicate, couperose - 60 minutes

Flushed, blotchy complexions in need of calm will sigh with relief during this soothing facial that reduces redness by strengthening the circulation. A gentle cleansing and exfoliation process creates a smooth skin texture in preparation for a targeted anti-blotch serum that reduces redness on the spot. A creamy, pro-biotic, anti-inflammatory facial mask is massaged over the skin for a complexion that is even-keeled and serene.

Hydra Original Facial - $109

Detoxify + plump skin with moisture - 60 minutes


Help your skin recover its original hydration levels with this multi-sensory facial.The facial pairs high-performance organic marine active ingredients with a relaxing facial massage to leave your skin plumped, revitalized and more luminous than ever.

Dermaplaning - $135

Cell Turnover, smoother, brighter complexion, overall skin rejuvenation -  90 minutes

Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” Dermaplaning works best when scheduled every four to six weeks. Beginning with a luxurious double cleanse, your dermaplaning session includes your choice of Phytomer finishing mask, choose from Hydrating or Sea Calm.

Acnipur - $109

Blemish solution treatment - 60 minutes

This targeted cleansing and mattifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves the skin visibly healthier, fresher and clearer. It combines two specific highly effective products for perfect extraction. The first is an exfoliator that cleanses the pores in-depth and facilitates the extraction of comedones. The second is a serum that is applied after the extraction of comedones to soothe and calm the skin. It also provides a long-lasting matte effect.


Results: skin flaws are limited, clogged pores are unblocked and excess sebum is regulated. Blemishes + Pores + Sebum: effectiveness confirmed 100%*

Back Facial  - $65

Blemish solution treatment - 30 minutes

Schedule this facial as an add-on or stand alone appointment to focus on unwanted blemishes and breakouts that can appear on the back, décolleté and neck. After the skin is cleansed, a mask is applied followed by extractions and a moisturizer application. Skin is left feeling soft, hydrated and blemish free. 

Results: skin flaws are limited, clogged pores are unblocked and excess sebum is regulated. Blemishes + Pores + Sebum: effectiveness confirmed 100%*



Developed jointly by consulting esthetic doctors and researchers in biology, VIE Collection treatment protocols performed in spa guarantee the best results against skin aging. The wide variety of solutions and treatments devised by VIE Collection, from the forefront of cosmetic technology, can deliver clinically proven anti-aging results, from the very first treatment. 



L-Therapy Unifying Brightening - $140

Medical esthetic inspiration: Luminotherapy – Radiance – Even Skin Tone – 60 minutes

A session of massage and concentrated products that echoes LASER and LED light therapy techniques. It offers maximum effectiveness on the radiance and uniformity of the complexion.

3D Wrinkle Smoothing & Densifying - $175

Medical esthetic inspiration: injections – Deep Wrinkles – Expression Lines - 60 minutes

A supplementary or alternative protocol to botox, hyaluronic acid and growth factor injections to smooth wrinkles. Three steps for precise, complete, effective action on established lines.

AHA/ BHA Refining Peel - $90

Medical esthetic inspiration: - acid peel – Purified skin – Blackheads cleansed – Imperfections reduced  – 30 minutes

An anti-aging treatment for combination to oily skin, that focuses on the power of fruit acids and retinol to erase wrinkles and imperfections. Skin is purified, cleansed and imperfections are reduced. 

**Your esthetician will perform a 15 minute consult

prior to your peel to discuss your options

and what will best suite your skin**

Renewing & Resurfacing Peel - $100

Medical esthetic inspiration: acid peel – Radiance – Brighter Complexion – 60 minutes

A high concentration acid exfoliation with 20% of glycolic acid for complete skin resurfacing. The complexion is visibly more even and bright and skin texture is refined. Ideal at the start of an anti-aging course.

**Your esthetician will perform a 15 minute consult

prior to your peel to discuss your options

and what will best suite your skin**


The brand was founded in 2000 by the director of the PHYTOMER Group, Antoine Gédouin, a visionary in professional esthetic treatments. He created VIE Collection with the goal of developing the ultimate in anti-aging care. How? By combining the spa’s expert methods with targeted molecules coming from esthetic medicine, in cutting-edge treatments inspired by the medical world.

To make his cosmeceutical vision a reality, A. Gédouin brought together a team of thirty scientists specializing in biology, dermatology and cosmetology. Together, they develop and use the most powerful ingredients and the most innovative molecules.

To push their approach further, VIE Collection works hand-in-hand with a consulting esthetic doctor. As a result, VIE has taken up a position as close as possible to treatments performed in esthetic medical practices, and it constantly draws inspiration from them. VIE Collection products offer an alternative or a complement to esthetic medical treatments, in this way helping to effectively correct all the visible signs of skin aging.

Today, VIE has become a leading cosmeceuticals brand in spas, both in France and across the world.


Firming, smoothing, collagen activation - 60 minute

Using the latest cryotherapy technology imported from Italy, the intense cold activates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, leaving your skin firm and tight. 

Provoking a shock by cooling and or shocking (alternating cold and hot) the skin withStar T-SHOCK around the face and neck, triggers deep layers of collagen into production and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. 


Production of collagen resulting in fuller, more youthful and beautiful rejuvenated skin. 

Different from traditional cryo-facials in that it applies collagen-boosting cold and thermal heat.

Puffiness around the eyes shall be significantly reduced or totally eliminated.

Pores on the face and neck shall be reduced in size, limiting the intake of toxins, dirt and grime. 

Benefits over lymphatic system: flushing away built-up toxins, soothe inflammation and irritation, removing puffiness, and redness.

Skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis could be reduced.

Metabolic rate increases, Endorphin levels shall be stimulated.

Facial Enhancements
Enhance your Phytomer spa experience with one or all of these perfectly balanced and nurturing add-ons,
no additional time required.


Plumping Lip Smoother - $15

Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, plumping, smoothing

Quench dry lips, smooth wrinkles and re-plump the tissue of and around the lips with a lip scrub and rich, creamy mask.



Recline onto a compress of thermal, effervescent mud to reduce inflammation and melt muscle tension as you enjoy your facial.

Radiance Peel - $15

Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, plumping, smoothing

A gentle blend of alpha hydroxy acids from fruit and algae
softens lines and pores size while brightening skin tone.

Nourishing Hand and Arm Treatment - $15

Exfoliation + hand and arm massage

Showerless exfoliation followed by a warmed moisturizer application with hand and arm massage.

Décolleté Parfait Smoothing Brightening Enhancement - $30

Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, plumping, smoothing

A gentle blend of alpha hydroxy acids from fruit and algae
softens lines and pores size while brightening skin tone.

Eye Refresh Massage Mask - $15

Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, plumping, smoothing

A double brush eye massage is performed with a cool, creamy eye mask infused with marine ingredients to reduce puffiness & dark circles while smoothing wrinkles.

Facial Upgrades
 Additional time required


Radiance Smoothing Eye Contour Treatment - $25

Radiance, wrinkle smoothing, firming - 15 minutes

Whether it’s crow’s feet, dark circles, or puffiness, the vulnerable eye area shows signs of aging and fatigue first.  This specialized treatment includes a double brush & manual three-phase massage on the eye zone with sea retinol for a wrinkle smoothing effect. A cool, firming plasticizing mask applied to the eyes delivers marine nutrients to brighten the eyes and boost vitamin C in the skin for multi-faceted improvement of the delicate eye tissue.

Dermaplaning Mini Treatment - $45

Cell Turnover, smoother, brighter complexion, overall skin rejuvenation -  30 minutes

Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” Dermaplaning works best when scheduled every four to six weeks. This refreshing mini treatment can be scheduled as an enhancement to your facial, leaving your skin silky smooth and radiant!

Cannot be scheduled in conjunction with the AHA/ BHA Refining Peel or the Renewing and Resurfacing Peel.

Strengthening & Renewing Warm Oil Scalp Treatment - $30

Strengthen, hydrate, renew - 15 minutes

A scalp, neck and shoulder massage with a precious blend of nourishing essential oils specific to the Southwest relaxes the tissues and a heated wrap deepens hydration of the scalp and hair. 

**oil is steamed but not removed from hair, please plan your after spa activities accordingly**

Facial Massage
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