Workman's Comp 

&     Auto Injury

The growing field of Medical Massage (MM):

Medical Massage is becoming more common and widely accepted with each passing day. Our office works with many local physicians to effect positive change for our patients suffering from either injuries sustained at the work place or from traumatic auto accidents using multiple modalities including Medical Massage, Acupuncture and Cupping.

We also have a medical insurance expert who can help you navigate your personal insurance to see if medical massage or acupuncture will be covered, all it takes is your insurance id card and a phone call!

q:  When is a prescription required ? 

a:  Work Comp & Auto Injury cases.


q:  When is a prescription NOT required ? 

a:  When using everyday insurance.

q:  Which policies will cover MM ? 

a:  -ALL Work Comp & Auto Insurers



     -State Farm


     -& More

     *Anthem/BCBS (no longer accepted)

q:  Which policies will NOT cover MM ? 

a:  -HMO's (Rocky Mt.)



q:  How do I get started ? 

a:  Talk to your physician in Work Comp/Auto cases or stop by our office with your personal insurance card & we'll verify your benefits within 24 hours.

Medical Forms

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Rehabilitation and Appointment Expectations

Personal Injury & Auto

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